Understand and Command

Understand and command is the center of this T.L. Osborn sermon. Typical, he claims, of his sermons, calling people to see and believe Jesus the Christ.
I find it very encouraging to consider that in Christ we are far about principalities and powers. Still, we the church have generally not understood this Paul’s, and T.L.’s point. We still fight demons.Check out what he says.
It seems to me that also this leads to a great vision of who sons of God should be. Confident. Understanding. Commanding over evil.
It clearly contrasts a words perspective and the proper grace perspective — and why there is a different.
I also appreciated his words about the women in the Upper Room. Check it out.

Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks

A clear re-teaching of the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks. Let’s just go through Leviticus 23 and cover the 7 feasts of the Lord, and the sabbath. We will find that there has been some confusion that First Fruits IS Shavuot/Pentecost. We will clear up the confusion. And talk a little bit why it is important.

My mission is to set the captive free. This may seem like a calm going over what we all know, but really, it will meet the mission. There are those who are estranged, but God wishes to reach out to them and bring them to Himself. There are those who are bewildered and hurt. God wants to put soft cotton bandages on those hurts and heal them. Some are resigned, and on their last sighs. God wants to breath new life into those lungs. Get out the poison gases and put in the oxygen of the Spirit.

We were so blessed to know about the Feasts of the Lord, the moed, way back in the 1970s. There is more to know. More clarity. More energy will come from it.

For those who will email me, I will send you both a document and a audio track that will discuss how Jews today celebrate the Feasts of Weeks. This includes the blessings, both in Hebrew and in English. Just email me. Tell me who you are. And I will email you this free gift. Please be invited to let me know of your situation. What is going on? What are you interested in learning? What is going on?

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How to be Perfect

Right where we first found out that we could become perfect, we are told how. Somehow, though, no one ever got around preaching about that. For some reason… or other?…. Ephesians 4:11&12 was always referenced as the primary was to become perfect.

If Jesus gives us a command to be perfect, wouldn’t He have told us how? Oh! But He did. It will be a happy surprise!

The alternative is a bunch of rules. If The Law, the Torah couldn’t work for that, how would some new set work? Especially if they keep changing? Oy vey.

Maybe we were confused … or snookered.

Amazingly, in the very passage where we established that it was appropriate to have an aspiration to be perfect because God gave us that command, God also gave us the way. Spoiler alert: it is NOT obeying the ministry. It is walking in love. Wow!

Have a listen!

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Death to Self OR The Crucified Life

Wow! This was a long time in coming, but it may be the most important episode. Preaching “death to self” or (surprise to me) more properly “The Crucified Life” as good news! Of utmost importance in terms of being saved, not losing your salvation, having a good life, and not exasperating your children. Worth more teaching, which will be forthcoming — sometime. Please do check back. In the meantime, please share.

New Topics- Current Events: HATH PERFECTED and Engaging with the World

There are at least a couple of other topics I want to cover, but can’t quite get it done fast enough.

1. Rocking revelation in Hebrews 10 : God hath perfected us! There, in that reading, twice! And other Scriptures confirm. This is in the past or past perfect tense. So this is NOT something we strive or obtain in our own strength. It is something we obtain by faith and of course, will walk it out. The differences are subtle in language, but big in result. How did we get off kilter to forget faith, and God’s great power to do this? God will be faithful to do this; God will finish what he has completed.

2. What would a Son of God look like? Like Jesus, sure. What did Jesus do? He preached the Kingdom, healed people, and changed lives. Okay, so evangelism, miracles, and even changing of the world order is something that the Sons of God would do. What could be greater than what Jesus did? More miracles? What about if there were a worldwide body…. then wouldn’t the whole world order change? Instead of moving under the Sanhedrin and under the forces of Rome, (along with Joseph of Arimatheas and people in Ceasar’s household)…. how about rulers themselves now judging in righteousness because their hearts have been turned to the love of God?

Isn’t clear that we are in such a fulcrum? How did we get so mesmerized by the Anti-Christ that we thought we would just endure or just die off, until Jesus alone came back? Thank God, Jesus Himself will come back… but for a glorious church. Ahh! Amazing. No wonder the church couldn’t get all of eschatology together in order… it was God’s plan… just like how it was important that the plan not be public about how Jesus would come the first time. HAHAH.

Check out Lance Wallnau’s **As One** Event on October 31,2020, on Facebook or Periscope archive. MarioMurillo and Robert Henderson and other pastors, apostles & prophets participated.

Okay, so while it might a good thing to come apart for a while, how did we ever get the idea that we would never serve in the wider world? We would never evangelize? I remember that specifically being taught against. Not so much now, I know. But still… how can we look down at our brothers who are bringing thousands to Jesus Christ? Equipping people to serve at high levels in governments and business? Even when they do a good job of encouraging people to believe that they can be sons of God, partaking of the nature of God… and they stay in orthodoxy and unity … and even humility?!?!

I will develop these when I can. For now, please feel encouraged to serve in the ways that Holy Spirit tells you. Praying for our nation is a very good start. There is a set of prayer points that will very likely help.

Check these out: Sid Roth interviewing Kevin Zadai who urges praying in faith for our nation and the vital importance of doing so now… and great great great potential outcomes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrIJjolhbx4

Same prayer points, in paperback are available on Amazon.com
For help on beginning one to one soul winning, try www.revival.com (BTW Rodney Howard Browne has books that expose globalist corruption clearer than anything that we heard back to the ’70s. Yes, we heard a lot. This is clear.)

For myth busting, real stats, curated, on “pandemic”, shut-down, and attempt to close churches…. and the current beginning legal reversal of same. Johnathan Shuttlesworth’s **Check the News** may run only through election night. Humorous, but you can snip the visual charts. A great deal better info (like numbers, straightforwardly presented, actual facts) than you get on any commercial media.

Notice, none of the named people above really have anything to do with the sonship doctrine or know that they were named herein; I am just listing what I take to be good resources that relate to what I was thinking at the moment I wrote this.  George Hawtin, George Warnock, and Bill Britton were the first to preach sonship, have passed, and are herein acknowledged.  

Attaining the Resurrection : Philippians 3:10

We have heard many times: “That I may know Him….That if by any means, I might attain to the resurrection from the dead.”

Let us unpack the Scripture, relying on Wuest.  Going to the Greek does not change things; it helps us understand what was originally said. I think you will enjoy it, and be freed from much confusion and concern.