Monthly Archives: December 2020

Want to email me?

I do have a secure email associated with this podcast. There has been a problem in the past, such that any email sent before today had not reached me. The problem is fixed. You may now reach me at sisterNOSPAM@Jesus**Pattern**, taking out the NOSPAM AND THE ** manually. Apologies for the technical difficulty.

Death to Self OR The Crucified Life

Wow! This was a long time in coming, but it may be the most important episode. Preaching “death to self” or (surprise to me) more properly “The Crucified Life” as good news! Of utmost importance in terms of being saved, not losing your salvation, having a good life, and not exasperating your children. Worth more teaching, which will be forthcoming — sometime. Please do check back. In the meantime, please share.