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Greetings and welcome. We continue to have this podcast, and hosted on the same host, about which we are very happy.
However, for reasons of making things easier for some, the blog has moved to and melded with
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If you are English speaking only, we apologize for the need to ignore the Spanish posts. We have so many who are bi-lingual and my Spanish is poor enough that it seemed at this time to be good to have one site. We do hope that we have set it up so that people may subscribe to only those episodes they wish to hear.
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Bless you. Love to you. Forgive everybody. Look to Jesus. Listen to Holy Spirit. Keep growing. And serve.

Jesus the Pattern Son – an attempt to teach Sonship doctrine faithfully

Today we post our first and most introductory podcast. Sonship is great news because it is an invitation to a deeper walk with God, to being saved to the uttermost. This may come as a great surprise to both camps, but seems a great place to start in explaining what sonship would be. It would be growing up as a child in God’s family, into the maturity, into the image of the one Mature Son, Jesus Christ/Messiah.

Shalom! Greetings with Blessings!

We have begun a series that introduces a Biblical sonship doctrine. Firstly, it is about Jesus, not about us. Secondly, we will attempt to define, based on clear and contextual Bible what can be affirmed about an invitation into mature sonship.

I hope you enjoy and are blessed.

Jesus the Pattern Son is the name of our podcast because it is most importantly about Jesus. This is an attempt to teach sonship doctrine in a way that is faithful to the Bible. It will also be an attempt to teach it fulsomely enough to make sense. Thus we will make a go of trying to be orderly. As far as we know, no one has tried to do this before.

We are not the first to tackle this topic. It seems that now is the time that interest is sprouting through the wider Body of Christ. Certainly we do so at what we feel is the command of God, and with approbation of those whom we most respect. We hope it help many people: those who have heard this taught poorly and those who have not heard of the idea before.

We wish to be friends with everyone. We attempt to criticize no one. We do know, however, that criticism, even harsh castigation, even on the basis of imagination is a common practise, particularly by some of our friends who think they are the sole carriers of sonship doctrine. All we can say is 1) Judge yourselves whether it is better to serve God at God’s command than to refrain for fear of man and 2) We have harmed no one. Let us be, friends where possible, pleasant acquaintances where possible, or ships passing without comment. To be an enemy is to be on the enemy’s side.