Monthly Archives: March 2021

News about this blog

Greetings and welcome. We continue to have this podcast, and hosted on the same host, about which we are very happy.
However, for reasons of making things easier for some, the blog has moved to and melded with
So, if you are taking in content via a podcast provider, nothing changes for you.
If however, you wish to access the work via a blog or website format, please move over to
If you are English speaking only, we apologize for the need to ignore the Spanish posts. We have so many who are bi-lingual and my Spanish is poor enough that it seemed at this time to be good to have one site. We do hope that we have set it up so that people may subscribe to only those episodes they wish to hear.
If you have any difficultly, you may email me, but do not be impatient for response, as I am not a tech and do not have a staff at this time.
Feel free to ask questions about doctrine via comments on or via email. Do not write to correct me; I am under orders and better covering than you. You may, however, share your experiences and insights, if you feel led.
Bless you. Love to you. Forgive everybody. Look to Jesus. Listen to Holy Spirit. Keep growing. And serve.