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“Sons of God” shows up in Scripture

WOW! I recently found out that ” ‘uois” the Greek work for mature sons shows up in Scripture 7 times. AMAZING.

And with all the preaching I have heard on sonship doctrine, I never heard this. Have you?

If you are new to sonship doctrine, this will establish what is up — that there are such a thing as mature, human offspring of God. BTW, in the plural, in Greek, sons and daughters would be rendered “sons.” So I say “sons” in English, but that is NOT intended to exclude women, even though English has changed on this point.

If you are not new, you will find some surprises here. Firstly, the Greek doesn’t match up to the King James English, so at least one passage that we started with is out. It makes a big difference to the method. Then, there is another passage that is in. The English doesn’t make it clear that the children/sons being mentioned are mature. Once again, it makes a huge difference — in method.

Please share this with those interested. You might leave a 5 star rating on iTunes or your favorite podcast. While it is vulnerable to let people know about this and who I am, still, I think it so very important for the freedom, salvation, and encouragement so very many.


Editor: oops, more than that. Found some more. Working on final count. More than 7, anyway.

Sonship is Real

Today we prove from the Bible that there are “sons of God” who are humans. We are looking for the Greek word for mature sons, “‘UIOS.”  This word is normally used of Jesus. A Roman adoption in which a rich father recognizes his grown son as being in business with him and able to represent the family uses this word “‘uios.” Other words possibly translated as sons or as children include  napios (babies that wear diapers), paideon (school children, moppets), and technon (teenagers.) In I John 3 “Now we are the sons of God” is technon. Now we are the teenagers of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be… but we will be like Him.”

There are 7 mentions in the New Testament of ‘uios, mature sons. Have you ever heard this? It is a shock to me that I have never ever heard a sermon listing all 7 mentions. Even though I have heard hundreds of hours of  one sort sonship preaching. (Oops… maybe there are more… will get back to you on that… but at least there are these 7.)

What do you think the reason is that no one has listed them?

Matthew 5:9 peacemakers will be called the sons of God

Luke 20:36 sons of the resurrection

Galatians 3:26  and 4:6&7   Now we are sons by faith.

Hebrews 2:10  Jesus is our Big Brother and brings many sons to glory; Also see Hosea 1:10

Romans 8:14 & 19   Verse 14 is in the present tense: the Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God.  Verse 19 is in the future: “the manifestation of the sons of God.”

And on perfection: Matthew 5:48 Perfection is possible now, and is based on love, also see Phillipians 2:15